Denise and Jamie's Coffee Guide

....of the World.

Cafes of the World Compendium. Where one might find a palatable cup of coffee in the places we have visited. 

Feel free to leave your own favourites and if we try it and deem it worthy of our time it will be added.


     Jet Fuel
  •  Come for the coffee, stay for the hugs.

      Cafe Domestique
  •  Chad G. approved, where Jetfuel has proprietary thongs, Domestique has a veritable cornucopia of multi-coloured t-shirts you can also come away with

       Les Saisons
  • best patio, so go on a nice day that is not a Tuesday
Quebec City
       Silvano Cafe

  • keep you warm on a cold Queeb day

       Cafe Neve
  • good coffee, also trustworthy - will keep your wallet until someone can retrieve it for you, however don't even try and open that laptop
        Phil and Sebastien's
  • Jamie says the coffee is superb and the Buddha bowls are "crunchy" and delicious enough for Denise
  • if you're caffeine sensitive like Denise and need to stay away from the coffee they also have a delicious hot chocolate
       49th Parallel
  • a bright spot on a rainy day (everyday - Jamie)
      The Boulevard
  • where the discerning students of UBC go to caffeinate
       Caffe Artigiano
  •  home of the most latte art

United States

San Francisco, CA
  • awesome, awesome coffee in cool neighborhood but don't expect too many smiles
Palm Springs, CA
      Espresso Cielo
  • rainbow friendly, as the name implies, serving 49th parallel coffee
Ventura, CA
       Palermo Coffee and Gelato

Chino Hills, CA
  • opinionated Republicans will scold you for coming to the US, but the latte is well executed
Redlands, CA
      Augie's Coffee House

Milwaukee, WI
      Cafe Hollander
  • recommended by Kevin H. Hazzard, employee of the month 13 straight months at Domestique
Tucson, AZ
  • grab a couple fish tacos as well
      Le Buzz
  • grab a namesake cookie before heading up Mt. Lemmon, or just have the cookie

Jamie's happy

Newport Beach, CA
New York
      Soho - La Colombe Torrefaction 
  • only one man is trusted to make the coffee here, he has an army of people readying the milk pitchers for him

The Rest of the World

Gotenborg, Sweden
       Mauritz Kaffenhus 1888

Belgium, Holland, France, South America

      BYOC - bring your own coffee, it doesn't exist here....although if you like whipped cream on brown toilet water get a cappucino in Belgium. 

For the love...Belgium sucks

They have waffles though!!!!
APPENDIX I: Baked Goods

Always a good accoutrement to coffee...

Canmore, AB

  • home of Jamie's favourite cinnamon bun, and favourite-est baked good. The cinnamon buns are only around on the weekend, and only so many are made. Set your alarm.

Partially demolished
      Honey's Donuts
  • I (Denise) personally like having a destination on my long ride. Honey's is about two hours from UBC in Deep Cove, North Van and you can throw in Seymour or Grouse if you're feeling motivated. And the donuts are good motivation. So are the muffins. But it is best to stick to one baked good per trip, because to head home you have to get up out of Deep Cove, at over 20% right away sometimes the delicious golden donut don't feel so good.


     CC's cupcakes
  • courtesy of Cailey, Jamie's sister. They're delicious even with bias accounted for...

Salted Caramel Explosion - nom nom
La Jolla, CA
  • Jamie and my mom baffled the employees with how excited they were about these cupcakes, particularly the creme brulee variety and the bread pudding with whipped cream the texture of ice cream variety

Jamie's bread pudding cupcake
 Palm Springs, CA
      Over the Rainbow

  • they even have a chocolate dipped chip version, which we didn't try, but is supposed to be very good

New York City (Chelsea)
       La Maison du Macaron
  • The most delicious, melt-in-your-mouth macarons ever and mouth-watering croissants


  1. What do either of you guys know aboot coffee or cycling, hun? K

  2. Also in Dundas is Detour Coffee. Its by far the best place I've ever been. They roast their own beans with precision and care. It's environmentally friendly of course leaving behind no carcinogens. And they also have the Barrista Champion of the World. I've never seen a man froth milk to such a silky smooth level. If you're lucky he'll leave a heart on your coffee that will make your knees weak and your head spin.

  3. Don't forget about Cooke's in Kingston for coffee. And as far as baked goods go: High Wheeler in Baddeck, NS for berry scones; the bake shop (the only thing that is really there) in Johnsons Crossing, YK for cinnamon buns; Chalet Bakery in Revelstoke, BC for apple fritters; Klassis in Pembroke, ON for Turnovers; and last but not least; Pardiso in Edmonton, AB for baklava. I'm up to Yelloknife in a couple weeks, any baked goods I need to fuel my cyclocross training?

  4. Thunder Bay- Bean Fiend

    a little too many hipsters for my liking but the coffee/espresso drinks are unreal.